Chapter 2631

Whether it was more than ten million or one hundred million, he wouldn't dare to want it.

In the end, he could not change Master Sebastian's mind, so he chose this car, which was the most low-profile one. People usually could not recognize it at all. Whenever they saw it, they would think that it was an ordinary car when, in fact, it was the highest-end model of the Waltzwagen and it was a full-size sedan. It was worth two million dollars. When Eevonne saw it, for example, she thought it was a car that was less than ten thousand dollars.

'Just let her think that way then, It's quite good. Otherwise, she'll be frightened. However, she might still be shocked when she gets to South City.'

Once he thought of that, Kingston muttered in his heart, 'Eevonne, you're a person who is covered in flaws, who always felt that a story of a mistreated girl succeeding and finding love only exists in fairy tales, and luck will never be on your side. If such a person like you were to be blessed with g
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