The damn cat! He'd wring its neck himself when he found it!

“I promise,” she said shakily.

          It felt strange to be worried over… Alanis hadn't had anyone show any real concern for what she did for so long that she had forgotten how good it felt.

“Okay, Alanis. Now, give me the torch you used and I'll go looking for an hour or two,” Brody said quietly, narrowing his eyes and noticing the exhausted drop of her shoulders and the downward tilt to her mouth.

“I… I haven't got a torch,” she admitted guiltily, expecting a further lecture on the seriousness of her crime.

          But Brody merely stared at her for another moment without speaking, shaking his dark head slowly as though he was lost for words, before turning to leave.

“Brody, please… I want to come too…”



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