Chapter VII

"And then, I have to dodge it so that my father would not come after me. Instead, he went after my brother," Emily said as Becca was laughing at her anecdote. How come one gets away with anything? Becca mused before she remembered that she was the youngest and her sisters have been married.

Of course, her mother would focus on her.

But that ended tonight as she will be staying at this lavish estate when she will be losing her virginity to her new husband, the Duke of Belikov. Becca gulped before she turned to see that her husband was walking with someone that she knew. It was the young Queen Arabella Dragomir of Niapachad Island.

Shit! Becca was trying to control Emily's laughter before she was looking at the young queen as well. Emily shut up before they both stood up and curtsied to the queen. "Your Majesty," they both said as the young queen was beaming at Becca.

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