Chapter VIII

Niklaus was looking at his duchess who was swaying in his arms as Becca was trying to glare at him. But she failed when she was blinking her eyes and she was slurring again when she tried to reply to deny his claim on her right now.

"You're...lying..." she slurred as she was gripping his coat and pulled him closer to her sinful body. The tight corset was showing the ample bosom as Becca has been undoing her wedding gown after the last guest has gone. Niklaus gulped as his cock was stirring when she was looking with her green orbs at him.

He wanted to curse himself right now.

"Ah! I know what you're—" a hiccup, "thinking, Belikov," Becca stated as she was gripping his lapel now. "You're trying—" a hiccup, "to get under my skirts," Becca slurred before she was putting her delicate hand on his hard chest. Niklaus was breathing hard as he was looking at his duchess right now.

Control, Nick, c

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