Chapter IX

After Niklaus left Becca to her devices, she went through the adjacent door that was inside his room. If she knew that the chamber was the master chamber, no doubt that she slept in Niklaus' bed last night.

Becca shivered when she was thinking about this morning as she was dipping inside the bathtub as the maid was helping to scrub her clean. The maid was working diligently as she would scrub every inch of her skin before she was rinsed with a pail of lukewarm water and dried with a towel.

"Thank you. I will be attending to my duchess now," Niklaus' velvety voice was coming inside her eardrum before Becca closed her eyes.

Why does my husband have to be a duke? she mused before she turned to glare at her husband. The duke merely smiled at her as his blue orbs were gazing at her body up and down. "Shouldn't you be doing your tenants' payment right now or something?" Becca asked him as she was moving to the dresser to get r

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