Chapter X

Niklaus has to admit that his wife has a sassy mouth that was as sharp as a knife. It would be hard to be defeated by her. But Niklaus wondered why she was being bitter toward Skylar when Niklaus only drank her blood to sustain him?

Will Becca be mad if he told her that he sucked on her blood? Would she run away?

"Your mistress is a nice woman. I bet you're regretting your decision to marry me when you can have her," Becca stated as she was turning her head from looking outside the carriage as her vivid green eyes were looking at him. Niklaus smirked.

"Don't tell me that you feel jealous, knowing that I have a history with her, my dear?" Niklaus taunted him before Becca scoffed at him. Niklaus thought that she would throw a tantrum but Becca was not that kind of lady.

She was a stone-cold lady after all.

"Like I care about you, Niklaus. I wish nothing from this union and if you n

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