Chapter LIII

After Ian was leaving for the Stone Tower, Emily was finishing her morning meal before she felt like she needed to go out to explore the capital without any interference from Ian or anyone else. Okay, maybe except for Becca because she's her best friend and Emily was dying to meet her again. But of course, the Duchess of Belikov was busy by the time that Emily got her missive. Becca said that she was trying to manage the household and have some importance that needed to be addressed to the servants. Hence, Emily sent a missive to her husband at the Stone Tower, knowing that he would freak out if Emily didn't say a word if she went out.

Not that Ian would be mad or anything, it's just something courteous of her to do so, Emily mused as she was fitting her bonnet to her head, securing the ribbon underneath her chin as she took the gloves from the butler. She nodded at him. "I will be back before sunup. I'm sure the marquis would not be worried by my absence by the

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