Chapter LIV

Emily was looking at the fabric stash that she wanted to buy for the newest curtain drapes that she had in mind for another one of the rooms at the townhouse. However, she did not know if she had to use the yellow curtains just because the butler had been calling that room the 'yellow room'. "I thought that would be the right choice, but what if it simply defeats the purpose of that and people might be thinking of something else?" she mumbled to herself as Emily was touching and feeling the fabrics that brought her joy to match in the yellow room.

That was until she bumped into someone.

"Oh!" Emily exclaimed as she turned to look at the person that she bumped into, a smile was plastered to her face. "I'm sorry! I didn't there was someone there. I should have been looking where I was going," she said before the other person, a young woman, turned to stare at her face. Emily gasped as she knew who she was.

Felicity Habiet.

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