Chapter LVI

"Tell me what, Ian?" Emily asked as she was uncrossing her arms, walking the distance that separated her from her husband. Ian seemed flustered but to her, he always seemed that way after she returned from Molftus Market. Perhaps, it was because of the missive that I sent him rather than telling him that I wanted to go out yesterday, Emily thought as she was biting her lower lips before putting her hands on his hard chest. Ian was looking at her, his amber eyes were turning to pure obsidian whenever his inner Demon was close to the surface. Emily smiled as she was hugging Ian, waiting for him to tell her what he needed to tell.

After all, they made a promise that they would never keep secrets between them anymore. Not after Emily almost went away when Ian told him about his darkest secret. And now, Emily was holding her darkest secret as well.

"Well? Will you tell me or not, my love? I'm waiting," she whispered as she was crushing her breast

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