“You do know how to use a phone right?” Thea asks as we get ready for school.

I decide on letting my hair down today, something I rarely ever do considering how hard it is to tame my mane.

“I know the basics, it’s not that hard.” I answer as I pull on one of the new shoes Thea got for me.

“Good. No one needs another reason to make fun of you.”

“Another? There’s already a reason?” I ask but she leaves the room, ignoring the question.

I follow her and we both end up in the kitchen. Joey walks up to me with an apron tied around his waist and a plate on pancakes stretched out in one hand.

“M’lady.” He does a little bow before leading me to a seat and placing the plate in front of me. I can’t help but laugh.

“What’s going on?” I turn to ask him.

“You got into a fight that you had nothing to do with on your first day. I think you deserve a treat.” He fills a glass with juice and place it beside the table, not forgetting to bo


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