“And then she threw two balls at him. One hit his leg while the other misses him but gets stuck in the wall behind him. The crowd went crazy.” Joey narrates the story for me as I scarf down my lunch.

“Wow. Who knew dodgeball could be so exciting?” West laughs.

“He deserves it though. I knew something was fishy when he suddenly wanted to be friends with you, asking you to join him for lunch.” Thea says.

“And you didn’t say anything? Aren’t you supposed to be ‘protecting’ me?”

“Yeah but experience is sometimes the best teacher. We all went through it, so you should too.” She shrugs and bites down on her Deli wrap.

I didn’t expect much sympathy from her anyways.

“By the way, it says I have Child Development as an elective in the nurse’s office. What’s child development?” I ask as a gulp down the last of my orange juice. The boys turn to Thea with wide eyes.

“Why would you give her child development? Literally no one ever picks tha

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