“Rise and shine.”

I roll to Thea’s side of the bed stretching as far as my limbs can go.

“It’s almost ten o’clock. We need to go to work. Wake up sleepy head.”

I spring up on hearing the time. 10 AM? I’ve never slept in this late before. I grab my phone off the nightstand and race to the bathroom. Thea giggles as I slam the door behind me.

“I really shouldn’t be slacking off this much. What’s gotten into me?” I pick up my toothbrush first and squeeze paste on it. As I brush, I pick up my phone and turn it on. As the screen comes on, the first thing I notice is the time.

7:39 AM.

“Thea!” I scream, sputtering toothpaste everywhere. She lets out an evil laugh from the bedroom.

Next thing I notice is the texts from Beckett.

“Hey! Are you home yet?” 9:32 PM.

“Don’t forget you’re taking little Jack-Jac

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