“You okay?” West asks Joey as we enter the car, ready to leave for school. I glance at Joey and he looks quite pale. Did I do that?

“Yeah I’m alright. Let’s go.” Thea joins us and West starts the car.

We reach school just as the first bell rings.

“Mr. Parker.” West and I look at each other in horror as we realize that we have Geometry now and Mr. Parker gives detention to anyone who gets to class after him.

We sprint down the halls and take the stairs three at a time to reach our class. West opens the door while I rest my hands on my knees in exhaustion.

“He isn’t even here yet.” I sigh as we walk over to the only free seats in the class.

As I manoeuvre my way through the occupied desks, Brian kicks his leg out just as I’m about to pass him but I’m quicker than he thinks. I skip over his foot with my right leg and step on it with my left heel. West and I high five after seeing Brian clutch his foot as we get to our seats. My choice of

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