Sunday morning.

I toss from side to side as Thea shakes the bed. It’s too early for whatever this is about.

“I’m trying to sleep.”

“And I’m trying to wake you up. Wake up!” Thea yells in my ear, making me jump.

“What? It’s”, I turn to check the clock, “5:30 in the morning. Even the sun hasn’t woken up yet, why should I?”

“Because it’s time for our morning run.” A voice replies. Thea and I turn to the door to find it open with West leaning on the doorframe.

“West please tell Joey that she is finally awake and will be done in 5.”

Thea points to me as I quietly pulls the covers back over my head, “You! Stand up and get dressed. Meet me downstairs in 3.” She walks to the door and stops to glare at me.

“And don’t make me come back here.” With that she leaves, leaving me slightly frightene

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