"Can't we just talk about this when we get home?" Thea groans.

"No. Now."

"Well I'm sore. We'll talk about this later."

"How are you sore? You were literally made out of steel a few seconds ago." I scream.

"It's not that easy okay. Now I'm not going to say this again, we'll talk about this later." She gives me her signature glare from the rear-view mirror and I give up.

Out of frustration I throw my hands in the air and accidentally hit an unconscious West, causing him to fall on my lap. I turn to ask Joey for help but he’s already out. Looking down at West, I silently studying his facial features.

His nose was slightly crooked, purple and swollen. His lips are slightly parted, revealing his pearl white teeth. The scar across his face seems clearer to me now. I still wonder what caused such a huge scar.

I slowly run my finger along the scar. Right where the scar stops, I notice the mark I saw yesterday. It’s not a circle, it’s

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