Chapter 44 - Flousia

Emily POV

“That’s when Jayden didn’t wake for a few days. I really thought that he would never wake up. Peggy was crying everyday and didn’t leave him. Back then, I was jealous of Jayden.The way Peggy cares for him and her love for him was admirable. When I saw Peggy crying, I thought about you. The day I left you in the garden, crying. I suddenly regret it. I wanted to go back, just to see you even for a moment. I wanted to make sure that you’re okay. My mind was also in a mess that time. Not only because of Peggy but because of you.” Kyle continued.

“You’re worried about me?” I asked. 

“Of course! I’m sorry if I have never contacted you but you were always on my mind. Controlling myself not to go back or even send a message, I felt like I was d

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