Been Here All Along
Been Here All Along
Author: Juan matt


Hello guys, it Pleasymatt on this author of Societal Status, Married to arrogant billionaire, young love, Identical and the likes. No my books are not edited yet and I think I need help with that or maybe I might just take my time🤷

Pleasymatt is just a young lady pouring out stuffs in her head into books, I'm not a professional so there will always be mistakes but feel free to correct.

This book contains court scene and stuffs, trust me I did the little research I can but my court scene is not close to perfect.

I hope you enjoy this book because I put a lot of effort in it.

This book is a total result of my imagination it might coincidentally seem like one you have read somewhere but this is totally mine and was inspired by "You belong with me" a song by Taylor Swift.

Like I always say your comments and votes moves me to want to be better and consistent.

With love, Pleasymatt 💕


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