On a regular Thursday I wake up to an alarm or mama's yelling not a hot sexy man in my bed. 

Sometimes I wonder why I'm not in love with this crap headed guy but like I said crap headed. 

I just stared at his face tracing my hand down his nose I smiled "who will say he is so troublesome sleeping like a baby" I thought until I felt something grab my hand.

"How many times have I told you to just accept that I am just ever handsome than sneakily admiring me in my sleep"

He said with his eyes still closed and his voice husky from his asleep.

"Well good morning to you too" I replied sarcastically and got out of bed

"Wow I slept in" I muttered looking at the time 10 a.m.

"I am your sedative, you sleep in when I am beside you" Asher said also getting out of bed in just his trouser and bare chest.

"Alice in Wonderland" I said packing my hair into a messy bun, I went to the mirror and my eyes were swollen from crying all night, I thought I was ok until the bastard sent me a text;

'I'm sorry Tunica, I really love you, I swear it please forgive me'  that was when I started crying, the whole scene started coming back, the fact that I shared a man with my mum, I am so grateful Asher was in his good best friend mode.

"Quit doing that take a nice bath while I fix us breakfast" Asher said from behind me, I never knew when he got there. Now who is sneaky?

"Don't burn down my house please" I pleaded with him, the last time he tried to cook, the house almost got burnt if not for the fire extinguisher

"I'll try my best" he replied chuckling and left to make breakfast, I guess.

I went to the bedroom strip the myself off my clothes and stared into the mirror.

"no one can bring me down, I am Tunika Collins a strong beautiful woman, no man deserve my tears" I said and sighed.

I look through my wardrobe for something comfy and found yet another of Aher's round-neck this I stole, it read "My world" 

I quickly put on the round neck top and the shorts then went over to the kitchen for fear I might be in a semi burnt house.

"Chef Asher" I sang walking into the kitchen, the sight of him in an apron got me laughing.

"Pancakes are ready thief" he said staring at the top which is now mine.

"It's no wonder my wardrobe is now empty" he added in an exaggerated tone, come on cry baby I only stole a couple of them.

"Buy more lawyer Arsher Hamilton" I told smiling cutely.

"Good you know I am a lawyer because I will sue you" he said putting off the apron and coming over to me.

"Fine I have a capable lawyer" I replied him while he carried and then placed me on the kitchen island.

"He had better be real good" he said handing me a plate of pancakes and a cup of orange juice, God bless Asher.

"Have you heard of lawyer Arthur Hamilton? The best lawyer I know of" I replied, he was already standing in between my legs eating from the same plate he gave me, we have been doing this since I've known him and it never get old.

"I wonder who that is" he said pretending to think.

"Your mouth stink" I told him changing the topic but he just shrugged and drank from his own cup of orange juice.

"Do you know...." And that was how we talked, teased and joked until we were done eating.   

He went up to my bedroom to take his bath, brush his teeth and whatever he did I don't care but when he came back, he had a black New York t-hirt on, one of his that I stole and the pants he had on earlier. 

"Thief" I called out, he collapsed into the couch beside me placing his head on my shoulder.

"I just took back what is mine" he replied in a low husky voice. I make a cute face and it gets him, he speaks in a low husky voice and it gets me. We are just cool like that.

"Whatever, you smell like muj e" I told him sniffing his hair " You used my shampoo you blocked head" I yelled at playfully. 

Somehow I spent the whole day with Asher, I never saw mama and that was just good. I kind of felt better at the end of the day, putting Jerry out of my head. Asher made me delete his contact and discard anything that will bring back memories of him.

"I'd check out a nice house, probably somewhere close to me" Asher said as he prepared to leave.

"No I want to be as far away from you as possible" I replied, he held on to his chest "ouch" he said making me laugh.

"Get out" I told him and that was it, he was gone leaving only me with thoughts I thought went away already.


Word count: 888

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