My grandparents have wrote my worthless father out of their will

"My grandparents have written my worthless father out of their will, and I been kept in their will. I told King Leo and Queen Lucy about my heartless parents and Ayers. My insubstantial father tried to get his parents to believe him that he had listened to me, but he didn't fool them. They know that he and his wife have been going on holiday without me."

Belle Rose sent the text, and she stared at her parents while they were forced to be taken away. Belle Rose looked at her grandparent, aunt and family. They looked relieved, but they knew that Belle Rose was more relieved than them.

Belle Rose felt overwhelmed, and she glanced at Prince Willem. Prince Willem placed his left hand on her right hand, and he knew that she was delighted that her parents had been arrested. Prince Willem stared at Belle Rose, and he asked. "How are you feeling, and are you overwhelmed or just thrilled?"

Belle Rose squeezed his left hand back, and she replied. "Both, and this is the fir

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