A Castle Adventure
A Castle Adventure
Author: C Roulston

Escaping from her parents grasp.

Once upon a time, in a different country, there lived a girl who wanted an adventure and dreamed of escaping from marrying someone who she didn't want to be with. So naturally, everyone at school thought that she would be prosperous and happy. But they have no idea what will happen, and they have no clue that the good fairy is watching the girl whose name is Belle Rose.

Belle Rose wants to find a way to get away from her parents grasp and live the life she wants. Her parents are called Paris and Ava. They want her to marry a millionaire named Ayers, and Paris has met him through business. Paris has agreed that Ayers can have Belle Rose as his wife, and they talk about Ayers coming over for dinner.

However, they didn't know that Belle Rose has a mind of her own, and she wants to do things that she wants to do instead of being told to do something that she doesn't want to do. Ayers live at Chateau de Villandry, and Belle Rose lives a couple of minutes away from him. Belle Rose has a best friend, and her name is Fatima.

Fatima and Belle Rose goes to the same school. Fatima knows that Belle Rose does not want to marry someone she has never met, and Fatima helps Belle Rose to take her mind off what her parents are doing by thinking something that Belle Rose likes to think of. Belle Rose love roses and having adventures. Paris and Ava want Belle Rose to follow the traditions they followed when they were growing up.

Belle Rose knew that her parents were taking her rights away from her, and she was allowed to stay with a teacher who is her next-door neighbour. The teacher is called Mrs Freya Sprocket, and she understands that Belle Rose doesn't feel safe and comfortable with what her parents are doing to her. Mrs Sprocket also knows that Belle Rose doesn't want to marry Ayers to make her parents happy, and Belle Rose tells her everything.

Belle Rose is related to two teachers: Mrs Gloria and Mr Alvin. Mrs Gloria is Paris's twin sister, and Mr Alvin is Ava's older brother. They have known and foreseen what Belle Rose has to go through. They heard from Mrs Sprocket what Belle Rose has to put up with every day before and after school. They wished and hoped that Belle Rose could escape from her parents' grasp forever. Mrs Gloria was allowed to be with the man she wanted to be as her parents were concentrating on Paris, and they told her that they wanted their grandchildren to grow up to be with the person they wanted to be with instead of their parents choice.

Mrs Gloria has told Belle Rose in private what her grandparents have said, and Belle Rose knew that she got the backing of her grandparents, Mrs Gloria, Mr Alvin, Fatima, Mr Godwin, Mrs Sprocket and Rocket, right behind her. Belle Rose knew that her dad wasn't told at all, and she knew that it would be a massive shock to him when he found out.

Mrs Sprocket allows Belle Rose to stay with her while Paris and Ava are on holiday. Mrs Sprocket walks with Belle Rose to and from school. Belle Rose has a way of escaping from her parent's grasp and forgets what is going on. Apart from going to school and doing homework as well as reading books. Belle Rose runs to her dreams, and she believes and knows that her dream will come true.

One day, Belle Rose, Fatima and Mrs Sprocket was at school. Another teacher, Mrs Mary Vary, told Belle Rose, Fatima, Mrs Sprocket, other teachers, and students in the classroom. The other teachers are Mr Edmund Redmund, Mr Edward Eduard, Mr Alfred Alvin, and Mrs Victoria Gloria. The other students' names are Anne, Bradley or Brad, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Ellie, Ethan, Harper, Leah, Lilly, Luke, Naomi, Nathan, Nolan, Nora, Owen, Robert, Ruby, Ryan, Sebastian, Thomas and Zoe.

The student's age is between 20 - 29 years old. Mrs Vary waits for everyone to be quiet as a mouse, announcing. "The headmaster has asked me to tell all of you that you are going on a 5-day trip because all of you are going to Hohenzollern Castle and we are staying at a hotel nearby. (Mr Redmund and Mrs Gloria. They hand out a sheet of paper with information about the school trip to the students, and the students read through the piece of paper.)."

"I want the slips back by tomorrow or two days, and we are going by coach. I am afraid that everyone has to stay together and be in pairs. I will write on who you will be paired up with and share the same hotel room with that person. No wandering off on your own and no going into the rooms that you shouldn't be in at all! We are going to have a tour guide around the castle and the surrounding areas."

"The tour guide will inform me on what will be happening on each day. Can you please ask your parents for their permission for you to go on this trip, and can you get one of your parents to sign the slip of paper?" Belle Rose knew that she could ask her parents to go on this school trip; however, she had no idea that her parents had arranged a wedding day for her and Ayers.

The rest of the students, including Fatima, left the classroom with Mr Redmund, Mr Eduard, Mr Alvin and Mrs Gloria. Mrs Sprocket and Mrs Vary kept Belle Rose behind everyone else. Belle Rose knew that they wanted to talk to her, and she realised that it was about her parents, Ayers, and how she was coping despite what was going on. Mrs Sprocket sat next to Belle Rose as Mrs Vary turned a chair around, and she sat across from Belle Rose.

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