Not to tell her parents nor Ayers.

Belle Rose knew that Mrs Sprocket is telling the truth, and she realizes that she has to ask Fatima not to tell her parents nor Ayers where she is as she doesn't want her parents and Ayers to drag her back home with them. Belle Rose, Mrs Sprocket and Rocket finished dinner. Belle Rose was allowed to go to the bedroom that she is using, and she texted Fatima straight away. Fatima quickly called back, and she said. "What's up?" Belle Rose took a deep breath in, and she replied. "Fatima, can you promise me one thing?" Fatima was shocked and surprise as she asked. "Why do you want me to promise you one thing?"

Belle Rose took a deep breath in, and she stated. "You know that we are going to Hohenzollern Castle on Friday and we are staying at a hotel nearby as well as sharing the same hotel room. (Fatima says, 'Yeah, and what hotel that we are going to be staying at?') We will stay at Gasthof Hotel Lowen, and it is not that far from Hohenzollern Castle. If something does happen to me while we are at Hohenzollern Castle, can you promise me that you don't tell my parents and Ayers that I am there? Because I don't want to be dragged away from there and be forced to marry someone I don't love. As I feared that they may or may not come to the castle and drag me back home."

Fatima realizes that Belle Rose is telling the truth, and she knew that she has to keep Belle Rose's parents and Ayers at bay as long as she could. Fatima nodded her head, and she replied. "Belle Rose, I promise you right here, right now, that I will not tell your parents nor Ayers and to keep all three of them. So far away from you as long as I can hold them up for, and I hope Ayers will fall in love with someone else than you." Belle Rose felt so relieved that Fatima has promised her not to tell her parents or Ayers and keep them away from her, and she spoke. "Thank you for promising me that because I want to enjoy my time without being forced to marrying someone else who my parents have decided for me rather than I chose for myself."

Fatima knew that Belle Rose is telling the truth, and she replied. "I better go because I have to pack for Friday as we got a school trip coming up, and I need to set my alarm clock for Friday morning." Belle Rose knew that Fatima has founded out that she needs to get up early, and she responded. "I understand, and thank you for promising me not to tell my parents as Ayers. I better let you go, and I will see you tomorrow."

Fatima nodded her head, and she spoke. "Yes, I will see you tomorrow, and I can't wait for the school trip." Fatima hangs up, and Belle Rose knew that her best friend would keep the promise. Belle Rose researched the castle, and she wants to find more information about Prince Alfonso. She has no clue that the good fairy called Faith is watching her, and the good fairy Faith straight away knows that Belle Rose will be with Prince Alfonso and be his second wife. Belle Rose knew that something would happen to her while she is at Hohenzollern Castle, and she didn't know that she has to do something for the Netherlands Royal Family. So Belle Rose got changed into pyjamas, and she got an early night sleep. After that, Mrs Sprocket and Rocket went to sleep. The following day, Mrs Vary told other students who are going on the trip to be paired up with on the trip and told them the rules they have to stick to. Otherwise, they have to help the staff at the hotel and no arguments.

She also informed them where they would sit on the coach that will take them while they are in Germany and which room at the hotel they are going to be staying at. Belle Rose and Fatima were overjoyed to find out that they would have a view of the castle. Belle Rose hands the book back as she won't be able to give the book back on the day of the school trip, nor would she be there afterwards, and she was told that she did the right thing about giving the book back. Belle Rose couldn't wait for the trip, and she knew that she would not look out of the coach window when it leaves the school grounds as she doesn't want to see Ayers. Belle Rose hopes that Ayers will arrive 20 minutes late after the coach has left the school grounds, and she knew that she has to be careful. Rocket job is as a police officer, and he was informed that Ayers would not use the police to stop the coach from leaving the school grounds.

Rocket waited for his wife, aka Mrs Sprocket and Belle Rose to arrive back home from school so he can tell them. Finally, Belle Rose and Mes Sprocket arrived back from school. Belle Rose was able to see a book about the castle that she is going to, and she was about to find out that she will be able to buy the book from a book shop near the hotel that she as well as rest of the group of students are going to stay at. Belle Rose and Mrs Sprocket sat down at the table after getting clothes out for the following morning. Rocket came into the dining room, and he sat down next to his wife, aka Mrs Sprocket, at the dining table as he stared at Belle Rose. Belle Rose knew that he has something to say, and she allowed him to talk. Rocket calm his nerves, and he asked. "How are you two feeling about the trip?"

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