The Route Out III

This was the first time I have seen myself in days.

I have completely changed. I am far from the reflection that I saw on the night of my birthday. It was so obvious with my chiseled jaw, sharp cheekbones, and sunken collarbones that I have lost weight. There were bruises on my face from the beating that I have gotten from the blood drinkers. The blue-violet hues of my wounds were striking on my pale skin. It looked like I had aged in just a couple of days, it seemed like I have seen the best years of my life. I have lost the light I once had.

Desmond woke up from my lap and absentmindedly stared towards the fire where his grandma was busy cooking the last pieces of meat. I ruffled his head and stood up to walk towards Ezekiel who was left by Sebastien alone. Sophie sauntered towards the children to accompany them.

Celeste instantly beckoned Sophie towards her to let her braid her hair the same way as mine. As soon as I reached Ezekiel, he was already wiping

weeping prophet

Hi. It has been a long time since the last update. I have been pretty busy outside of goodnovel. I apologize for the delayed upload of chapters. I am also juggling my time as a writer and other things in my life. I hope you understand. As a thank you for still staying with me and the journey of “captive”, here are 5 new chapters for all of you. I will be back again next week for another round of chapter updates. Hopefully, I would have enough time to upload daily. If ever that wont happen, rest assured that there will be new chapters every Wednesday and Saturday. I hope everyone is doing well. Happy reading ❤️

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