The Northernmost Territory V

The moon cast its light upon us which was dispersed into small rays of moonlight because of the thick foliage of the Dark Woods. The howls of wolves echoed like distant cries of our own who longed for someone out there, someone to come and rescue us. The old lady sat down the soil in front of the children as we all helped ourselves with the meat that was given to us. It made me wonder if the intentions of these foul creatures. The way they would treat us harshly and almost break and bend us to our ends but still have the decency to feed us. Everyone was silent and were focused on their meals except for Ezekiel. He seemed to be still distraught from the harm he had inflicted on the man a while ago.

“You need to eat,” the man beside me barely said, as if it was a whisper that lulled in the air between us, “you need strength,” he added towards Ezekiel.

“You can talk?” the young girl asked and was immediately shushed by the old woman.

“Evangeline,” the woman blur

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