Chapter Twenty: I know he will protect our child

Inside in the Queen chambers, Queen Tekiya was sitting on a soft pillow while her maid relayed everything that happened in the courtroom to her.

“So the Kunshiya executed Offical Reya because he called that bitch a slave?" Queen Tekiya asked.

“Yes My Queen” Her maid replied 

“Very good, The bitch is going to die soon anyways. Let her enjoy her few days. I will let her watch from heaven how I treat her offspring” Queen Tekiya  said and smiled evilly.

At this time, Lady Salsa was accompanying the silver egg and was slightly touching the first crack. Though dragons like them take long to grow but once they had their first crack it’s between that week that they will have to be progenited. Lady Salsa


Who’s ready to meet our female lead !!😌🥺

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