Author: vittoria sabatino


At that moment, everything was magical.

There was no pain.

There were no tortuous memories.

Nothing existed.

There was only the great and plump mouth of the brunette with green eyes that was kneeling in front of me and the pleasure that it gave me.

“Come on, baby, I know you can take me deeper” I took her head and tilted it up so I could look at her as she swallowed it “You have beautiful eyes, like those of a jealous cat...”

I groaned, throwing my head back, when I felt her throat vibrate.

I loved it.

That moment when you were in limbo of pleasure. When you were just one step away from orgasm and you forgot even your name.

Of course, that was a double-edged sword, because, although that feeling made you feel catatonic and exultant; It also left you vulnerable to the actions of others.

One moment I was in heaven for the most carnal pleasures, and the next I was lying face down, with one knee on my back and my arms bent in an uncomfortable way.

"Ah... I knew you would like Desire's mouth,” said a voice in front of me.

"Well,” I started to say, trying in a vain attempt, to raise my head towards my speaker, "You could appear a few minutes later. There I could give you the reason, although I wasn’t doing anything wrong...”

"Hmm, Mr. Hardy. Let me tell you, you’re in no position to be funny.”

“It depends on who the person I play the jester is.”

I was picked up in a single movement by two men, while the voice that spoke to me took the form of a person that I did not expect to meet under these circumstances.

My head turned to my left due to the tremendous slap that the woman gave me, who, until a few minutes ago, was moaning around my cock.

"You don't want to be clever with my master,” the woman growled.

"Easy, honey. I want your nails to remain intact for what I have planned later.”

“You let your woman suck anyone?” I asked mockingly.

Under the brim of his white hat, his eyes sparkled with amusement, showing his very white teeth, as he stroked the brunette's ass.

“My woman?” He laughed out loud as the men who were holding me joined him in the joke. "I can't deny she's one of my favorites, you understand what I mean. But this would not be my wife by far...”

I stared at him impassively as he produced a knife and a pistol.

“I think we haven't introduced ourselves yet,” He stared at me, running the tip of the knife over his lower lip “Though I think you know me. Diego Gómez, does that sound familiar to you?”

Oh shit.

"The lack of color in your face tells me so,” He erased the smile as he approached. "I told you to stop looking for what you had not missed."

"You killed your own son.” I spat the words in his face.

“That scum of a living being deserved it. I told Sanders and his wife. Favor with favor it's paid. I removed the shit that was hindering that girl's life, I managed to bring peace of mind in their lives and now they are happy. Together! And you come wanting to bring to light things that must remain in the dark. What do you think I should do with you?”

"I don't know what you're talking about,” My heart pounded when I saw the knife walk around my neck "But you're a criminal and criminals must be in jail."

“Should I remind you that I’m the leader of the three moons cartel? Do you have any idea who you're messing with?”

I felt the knife in my windpipe and then something hot ran down my neck.

“I'll sink you, put you in jail, and burn all your damn drug right under your nose.”

“You know?” He looked at me thoughtfully. "You have spirit, boy. But it is stained with sorrows and griefs. I was thinking of killing you and taking your nose off by breathing into my ear once and for all. But it would be too easy.”

He removed the knife from my neck and took a few steps away from me.

“Desire, put his flaccid cock back in his pants and wipe the blood from his neck.”

“Yes, master.”

The woman ran to do what was asked while I felt an uncertain sensation grow inside me.

"As much as you think I'm the worst thing in life” I turned to look at him as I felt a damp cloth on my neck "I'm actually a hopeless romantic, something like cupid."

“Really?” I was wryly.

"You have no idea how much.” He smiled devilishly. "So, I've decided to give you a second chance. I'll give you a task that, hopefully, you get distracted enough that you forget about me.”

"Well, you better kill me,” I said through clenched teeth.

"I already said it would be too easy. No, I better give you a taste of my romanticism” He looked at me now seriously “Arthur Ward. That is the man you’re looking for. Compared to me, that is a real monster.”

"Ah... So, you're not a murderer?” I asked scathingly.

"Look boy, I didn't say that. But if I kill, it is to remove people who don’t serve. Shameful people that nobody understands why they came into the world. But this man? Arthur Ward? He only kills to have power, he is sick. Your mission is to unmask it and sink him.”

"I'm not going to take orders from a guy like you, I'll never...” Desire crossed my line of vision, interrupting me.

“Sweet dreams, kitty...”

I felt a sharp blow in my temple and everything went black.

Then I didn't know anything else.

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