“I want to finish my studies, Alex.”

He took his eyes off the phone and looked at me surprised.


"I was in the middle of my senior year in high school when I disappeared,” I explained, "I always liked studying and I want to finish. I would like to have a university degree too.”

"But, Abbie.” He looked at me confused. "According to your research file, you had already finished your studies a few months before you disappeared. I thought you knew and that's why I didn't say anything... Although I have to admit that I was surprised you did it when you were just thirteen.”

Now the surprised one was me.

"But I continued taking classes until a week before the accident."

“Some people do it, you know, to reinforce knowledge and all that stuff...”

"That would explain why the subjects were so easy,” I answered thoughtfully.

“If you graduated at thirteen, I honestly don't want to know what you mean by easy stuff.”

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