When predators becomes preys


I knew it was time for the hunters to go for their first hunt. That Sasha girl had really impressed me despite my first impression of her being a brat. Nate could be really good if he could just put all that arrogance into actual work. Matt, A driven young man. Ever since he learnt his dad might have been abducted by vampires, that flame in him became a wild fire. I see myself in him, and with just a little more work he could just be the best hunter i ever trained. Ma


even better than me. Then there was her Royal highness, "Nina". Ah! That girl could talk her way out of hell. She had moves but wasn't as good as Sasha yet. "Yet" because she was refusing to come out of her shell. She built this I'm a bad bitch attitude around her to distract people from the inner her. There was something about that girl I hadn't quite figured out yet. Well I had nothing but time and quite frankly, right now I was more concerned with something more like someone else.

Jeremy Anderson.

I wonder
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