Chapter 63


I can say that moving on is not that easy. There are a lot of adjustments and things I need to get used to, including waking up without Khali every day. Jey and Reese were there to help me every step of the way when I was on the point of losing my mind. They were by my side throughout the entire process. While attempting to get back on my feet, I realized a few things: change is the only constant in this world, hence the only way for me to live my life is to move forward, but not entirely.

Khali may not be here, but she will always be in my heart.

Khali's parents decided to cut all ties with me the moment I began to move on with my life. They insisted it was for my safety, and they couldn't let me get involved again with the Mafias and dangerous stuffs. It was as if I skipped the point where I met Khali, except that I got to meet Jey.

I tried to act normal each time I woke up. I opened the blinds in my room and ended up staring

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