Chapter 64


My palms felt cold as my hands fumbled with my camera. Her full lips extended into a smirk as she meekly continued what she was doing. Her prominent nose that had just scrunched made my heart pound big time. Those doe-like eyes and Barbie-like features – It can’t be her.

I felt like a statue when I just stood there staring at her. I couldn’t even move a muscle, and my mind couldn’t process anything at all. I saw her look in my direction again, and her brows furrowed, probably in confusion. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out; just a small sigh as I felt my heart stuck in my ear and my throat. I gulped and took a step forward, cursing my trembling knees as I got closer to the pink-haired girl.

“K-Khali? Y-you’re Khali, right?” My voice wasn’t audible enough to make her look in my direction again. My heart stopped when she closed her notebook and heaved a sigh before focusing her attention on me. She looked good on her pink hair, and

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