“Drink your milk, then we go to yoga class. After that you have English class with Ms. Elin."

Almost every day I do the same routine. Wake up in the morning with Junhyu next to me. Then I started having really excruciating thirty minutes of morning sickness in the bathroom. Then he would take me back to lie down for an hour. And after that he will come with a sweet smile while bringing pregnant mother's milk along with some vitamins that the doctor gave me. Junhyu seemed to be trying to forget everything related to the incident that morning. After he told me to rest, he never again discussed the problem of wanting to part with him. He actually tied me here even more with various busy schedules to make me forget my wish to be apart from him.

"Today's mother cooked mushroom soup and steamed salmon for you, she said it was good for baby’s brain development."

He gently stroked my belly hidden behind the light blue dress that he gave me last week. So besides tryin

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