Chapter 27: The Pack

Polly’s left leg moved like a wiper on a windshield as he tried to cut the straw around his neck with his nails. Seeing Jake coming closer and closer was enough reason to move even faster. He did it, finally! He felt the straw break loose. He  was free!

The vendor was busy cooking he didn’t notice that Polly had gotten loose. Polly walked backwards. He felt his heart beating fast. Many times, he was just an invisible dog to many and how he wished that he could not be seen that moment. Then he heard - “Hey, glad you came!” the fishball vendor greeted Jake without looking. He stirred the mix of fishballs and quekiam that were cooking in boiling oil. He took a strainer and placed the cooked pieces in it. .

“You found it?” Jake ending his question with a naughty smile.

“Just a moment.” the vendor replied. He took the squid bits that he had soaked in a mixture of starch, water, salt, and

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