Chapter 12: Freeze

It’s been only a few days with Bridgette but it feels like forever.  “How can I begin to describe what it feels like to be with her. Ahmmm, It’s been far from heaven and almost like hell. Not that I have experienced hell… but heaven? I think I have.”

Bridgette didn’t really like Polly. He could tell she didn’t like animals in general. She had a certain smell that told him that. That smell that also told him she was not the usual 60-something woman. She had also been through a lot.

She was raising three children from three different fathers all by herself and was taking care of her sick mother in that small house she’s been renting only for a few months. She’s been house-hopping since her teenage years when she dropped high school to pursue a career in music. That decision broke her parents hearts. They had hoped she would be the one to bring home a college diploma and maybe make their family’s life a little easier. What she brought home however, was a

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