Ch 011: Seeing You More Often!


Kenny and his men took unconscious Ann to a hidden place, behind the club. The joy he had knew no bounds because he was about to do something to Ann that he will enjoy for the rest of his life.

Ann was a beauty and not just any kind but a fresh and untouched beauty. He licked his lips as he kept her unconscious body on the ground. Just the sight of her in her full clothing made him rock hard that he imagined the monster that will take over him once he took off her clothes.

“Boss, hope we all will taste this fresh meal.” One of his men asked him and he groaned. The stupid fool just interrupted his perverted thoughts.

“No!” He answered huskily.

“But don’t worry. Once I’m done, you all will have turns on her.” He chuckled before continuing. “That is if you don’t use your noise to get me upset.” Kenny seemed to be a dark man. With the way 3 big men kept quiet once Kenny s

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