28-All Hell Is Let Loose

I think he called me about a gazillion times after I rushed off like that with him calling my name loudly behind me.

The detective that is.

I ignored the vibrating phone on my kitchen table while I was slumped on my sofa with my thoughts going haywire. I had multiple reasons for not answering his incessant calls but guilt topped the chat. I didn’t want to hear him apologize to me and blame himself. I was the messed up one and he doesn’t deserve to be caught up in all of this. My future was still bleak and uncertain. I had immediate issues but I chose make them remote because of the other feelings I had regarding Dwyer.

He claimed he admires me but would he still feel that way if he finds out what I knew? And the things I did? Will he still think of me the same way?

Dammit! I was going crazy with two men contrasting men in my life.

Dwyer's kiss still left tingles on my

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