50-Protecting Him

".......early today , the police apprehended the suspect responsible for the murder that took the little town of Riverdale by waves few months ago and still causing controversies up until now about the efficiency of the local police......however, the police have taken the case by the reins and finally gotten a lead after two whole months of silence!......the suspect still remains unknown and circumstances surrounding his arrest are still kept confidential by the police.... nonetheless, this is still a great feat by the police as they have given the town some sort of assurance that evil will be brought to nothing other than justice.....this is SIDE TALK reporting on the Riverdale morning show..........."

This situation. It feels familiar.

When was the first time I felt like that? When was the first time noise from my TV wafted through my ears but got filtered by my brain because of my inability to think or register what the fuck was going on.?

It must have

Littlest Writer

I know you're curious about how he got caught. It would be explained in the coming chapters so relax. The next chapter will be a special one though. It will be from Dwyer's point of view for the first time ever!!!! And it's going to be a long one so....get ready

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