Life is cruel?

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Jay was doing all he could to comfort the two sisters in the hospital while their mom was still in the ICU room, but it was as if his efforts were in vain because the panic and crying got more serious from the girls.

"Why is all this happening to us? Where have we gone wrong in this world? Wasn't it enough that death took our dad away and my mom was also diagnosed of leukemia? We're struggling to cope with this unfortunate sickness and now death took the only brother and father that we've got! Why is life so cruel? Why? What is our sin that bad things keep happening to us?!" Kylie wails causing a scene in the hospital.

"Kylie please calm down, I understand how you feel and..."

"No you don't! You don't fucking understand how I feel!" Kylie cut Jay off. "I feel a pain inside my heart that no one I mean no one can really understand how deep this pain is inside my h

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