Chapter 90 Wedding Day

Aurelia couldn't get over how wonderful her dress looked. The black and purple lace For the last time in her life, she applied the gothic makeup the people knew so well before Zinjo entered the picture. Aurelia straightened the purple sating sweep and opened the velvet box with an amethyst choker. The Crowned veil awaited her on a nearby bench.

A long-standing tradition of Shadowfen brides was to stand in front of a mirror and practice saying I do. No one is sure who started the tradition or why, but all the same, Aurelia found herself engaged in the activity.

She felt rather silly at first and used a deep voice, "I do." She held her silence before she giggled at the action. "That won't do at all, will it?"

Aurelia tried again. This time, she added a snobby tone. A knock at her door paused her preparations, "I'll be right there,"

The door creaked open, and Tess entered with her long dirty blond hair in braids to signify she had gotten engaged. She held ou

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