Chapter 91 Forging Glory

In Celebration, the entire town of Sea Meet held a great feast for all. Jugglers and fire eaters entertained the children, and musicians played traditional wedding songs. Aurelia enjoyed the scene. Zinjo drank in every last second.

Aurelia raised her hands for silence as she and Zinjo faced the crowd. She cleared her throat, "In a few short days, I will be your queen," she opened the parasol, slung it over her shoulder, and twirled it while she paced. "I have decided it is time for Shadowfen to change. For too long, we have isolated ourselves and hid from the world. I intend to change this."

She motioned for Lord Nian to come forward, "Lord Nian will be assuming the role as our minister of defense. I have seen the discipline of the far east and feel Lord Nian make our soldiers a force on the continent."

Lord Nian bowed, "I shall do my best to meet your expectations," Lord Nian gave a slight bow and stood next to his family.

"We brought some refugees from

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