Chapter 26 Redford

     The mountains of Litchford hills kept the small band of travelers on their toes. The endless walls of rock, and tufts of thick green moss on stones, banked by pine trees tall enough to touch the sky. Aurelia discovered how much one bite had changed her. For instance, her endurance dramatically increased. They had traveled most of the day without stopping, except for food. 

   They made camp about a day's journey from the Cherish Empire.  Redford and Mshindi went off to find some supper. Zinjo looked over at Aurelia and pointed at her swords, "It is time to get familiar with your blade?" The firelight attractively illuminated his fur, Aurelia pulled the scroll from her rucksack. Zinjo shook his head, "You are not there yet,"

   Aurelia shot him a dirty look, "I'll be the judge of that," She stared at the scar where Zinjo bit her.


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