Chapter 43 Gentle Orders

     In a small port town in Larylia, coastal kingdom trouble is brewing. Aurelia has no idea what kind of trouble, but it warranted twelve men and two werelions. Zinjo professionally held his partisan. Aurelia clutched the parasol blade with determination, despite the small shard of doubt in the back of her mind. With one victory under her belt, she felt like a child next to the men who practiced day and night to keep their skills sharp. 

   "What sort of enemy are we facing?" Zinjo managed to ask after a prolonged silence. 

    The guard captain, Tiberius Steele, turned to Zinjo and pointed to the woods, "Our enemies are creatures of our own making I'm afraid. Once upon a time, Larylia was the pinnacle of magical research. We were prosperous, and had the respect of peers."

    "What happened?" Aurelia asked. Her ears detected low hisses and the rustle of leaves amid the snap of twigs. She
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