Chapter 54 Lemuria?

 The swish of gentle waves accompanied the rowboat to shore. Zinjo and Gael rowed in unison. Aurelia noted they were the only three in the leaky tub. She glared at the seagulls who screeched every time she tried to speak. The sun warmed the air, but not too unbearable levels, and a soft breeze kept her body at a nice temperature. 

  Asleep on Gael's shoulder was the divine Al' Miraj, a bunny with an onyx horn on its head. The creature had to lead them to this place, but why? The same question played over and over in her mind. Aurelia did not know much about divine beings, but she suspected not all of them were good.

  "Gael, why are we the only people on this landing party?" She asked in a mild tone, underneath a patch of worry raged like an ocean storm. 

  The seaman paused and wrung his bandana in his hands, "I am not a fool. Tess is depending on me, the men have orders to leave should they not hear back from us in
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