Chapter 57 Carmen

Irrational fear gripped the trio as they opened the heavy bronze doors to the altar room. The heavy air inside the sacred space left Aurelia devoid of hope and warmth. Zinjo grimaced and held the partisan at the ready. Gael held his fists up, ready to brawl at a moment's notice. Sick purplish flames lit the multitude of grotesque statues and carvings.

"This place perverts all that is good," Zinjo growled nervously and jumped at a twig snap caused by his foot.

"Something wrong, my love?" Aurelia wore a knowing smile.

"I hate how this place makes me feel," Zinjo admitted, "It makes the fur wilt and makes the skin crawl. This place should not be." He stared at a twisted mosaic of a grotesque creature of darkness. It loomed above the town with purple eyes and clutched the townsfolk with shadowy hands.

"You'll get no argument out of me, " Gael twirled around at the sound of a cricket chirp. The Al' Miraj took the ground with its horn bathed in silvery ligh

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