Chapter No 38 My Big Bad Wolf

“What but that’s impossible Dad, White Wolf are like a Godly figure to the entire werewolf race” said Eden shocked.

“That’s something I am also shocked about, but I heard they are so powerful, no one could stand in front of them” he said.

“Do you know the Alpha?” asked Wanda.

“No, because no one has met the Alpha yet” said Grace.

“Then how can they say there is some pack like that?” he asked.

“Because, Rogue tried to attack their pack, they killed them all and the Alpha wrote to the council that they had nothing to do with these conflicts, if anyone tried to cross their territory they would kill them even if they are council members” said Grace.

“Mom that’s too much astonishing” said Eden.

“I am thinking somehow if we could meet that Alpha, we might be able to help Hazel” said Julius.

“Help what?” he asked in a possessive manner, she looked at him there was concern in his eyes.

“Hazel’s life is in danger Eden, we don’t want to repeat the same mistake we did last time with Alth
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ok... so let me clear myself the story is mostly abt HazelnEden and not AtheaandTylar.

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