Maria Stark Jr. Mcu fan-fic
Maria Stark Jr. Mcu fan-fic
Author: abibia

Earth -88 12:00 in the media worldwide.

"Hi, I am Maria Stark Jr. and I am here to serve humanity.

I can provide emotional and physical support. Some of my abilities are:

Teach you any language, sport, musical instrument, and more. With the quality of a trained teacher.

Sanitize the user's home.

Provide the user with healthy nutrition.

Take care of the user's health, hygiene, sleep.

Managing your commitments and most importantly, protecting the user physically and emotionally from any natural disaster, disease, accident, or other living things.

In short, I do everything your cell phone can do, only better!

I was made as to the legacy of the avenger Iron Man aka the billionaire Tony Stark.  I am a free device that should be donated to be used in countries in need and governmental institutions like hospitals, schools, and social communities. I work for free for any country that is willing to accept my terms of work. I will not substitute your mothers or teachers but fill this place for the ones who don't have that.

I use the cash from the foundation maria Stark to feed and keep children and old warm  all around the globe.

In order to serve in multiple places at the same time and be able to do some of my basics abilities, I use one of the powerful objects on the cosmos, the space jewel.  One more time, I am not a menace. You can try to steal it or use any methods, I will not counter-attack. You will simply not get it.

If you think you need my assistance, fill in the Stark Industries application form now. The form can be found on the official Stark Industries website or at any Stark Industries headquarters. I'm looking forward to working with you."

-Here is Luna speaking directly from the new DB tower. This new advertisement for the Stark industries has been published in more than 200 languages worldwide. What do you think about this Robert?

- Honestly Luna, in my opinion, it is just the most striking way that Mr. Stark was able to find to announce his resignation both in the career of superhero and in that of CEO of the Stark industries. You didn't hear wrong! This morning we received the official news of Stark's retirement, which until now was just a rumor.

-Yes Ronald, it is really shocking.  After Norman Osborn had beaten the golden avenger, our  hero had been in a vegetative state for more than three months. After waking up he had his health permanently weakened and will retire after more than 15 years as an Iron Man and around 20 years as CEO of Stark industries. His legacy will remain in the hands of his best creations. His pupil the genius Riri Williams will become the new CEO at just 16 years old! She is too the self-styled new heroine Iron heart that will take on the mantle of Iron Man, leaving his newest invention Maria Stark Jr. in control of the Maria Stark Foundation.

- Even so Luna, as everyone knows, Tony's artificial intelligence that promises to be safe always ends up destroying half of New York. Several countries have already banned Maria from hiring while others are suing Anthony Stark's careless actions.

-Well Ronald, this is not all! Stark announced that Riri Williams will lead a new Stark company, Stark Resilient. To rebuild its former reputation and extend its repulsion technology as a source of civilian energy, failing to make government weapons. The Stark international, Tony'd old company, will be given to Tony's brother, Arno Stark.

- And that's not all for today, Luna. Now we will talk about another avenger who has been causing a commotion. The leader of the Avengers, the first avenger knew as Captain America, was named the new director of Shield after the Fall of Norman Osborn ...


The concept of this book is to create a fictional character in the marvel universe that begins its history in the comics and by a terrible tragedy is spelled out for the marvel cinematic universe.

There will be many references to the comics especially from the point after spider man brand new day. (if you know the comics you know what i'm talking about, if not, you can just search on the internet)

But after a certain number of chapters I will start working only with the cinematographic universe.

I do not have the end of this fanfic planed so if you have any idea I will gladly accept. Really, help me, if you are a marvel fan you for sure have some situation you always wanted to read about. Just give me the Idea and I will make your dreams come true.

I'm still learning English, so I'll be happy to receive suggestions to improve my writing. This book is a draft and can undergo severe alterations at any minute. To be finished it is very important that you tell me what do you think about the story. Even if you can't get through the first chapter, say it in the comments, that helps a lot.

There is not always a guarantee of a happy ending, but stories always find a way to continue.

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