56 El Silbon down

A dubious plan is about to be executed on the streets of Vancouver. Hot on the trail of an angry spirit known as El Silbon, Warren and his two cohorts have resorted to a bartender as bait for the phantom. Herne, the hunter, waited in a nearby alley with a large group of dogs, the only thing El Silbon feared.

Theria hid on the roof, prepared to use her best divine spells to help restrict the entity's movement. Everything was in place. Warren wanted El Silbon more than the nameless female gigas. He didn't understand why this spirit bothered him so much.

The plan depended on El Silbon being unable to find any victims in the area. Part of Warren hoped the spirit stayed away from the dingy. The other half wanted another shot at taking him done."

Two hours passed, and Max started to sober up, "More liquor," he shouted loud enough to echo off the stone buildings nearby. He adjusted the leather vest, "Are you sure this thing will find us?" Max slurred.

"The p


Well now they have to manually catch Warren, stayed tuned

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