The Villain Revealed

Warren Awoke to the smell of pine and earth. A gentle hand caressed his face, "Good morning, my love," Vasilia's sweet tone brought him back to the land of the living, "I hope you slept well because we have a busy day ahead of us." Her beautiful face smiled at him.

"I thought you were joking about the wedding thing," Warren tried to scratch his nose, but his hands were bound, "Archon, let's light it up," He growled. Silence followed, not a single peep from the eidolon. "Archon?"

Vasilia slapped him gently, "Archon?" she feigned ignorance. "Oh, you mean the eidolon? He is still there, I promise. However, I can't have the groom trying to escape on our special day."

Anger bubbled over and came out in Warrens's tone, "Are you serious? You can't trust the witch to do as you say." his eyes scanned the area. He and Vasilia were the only people in the cathedral of trees, "Where is the rest of my team and Theria?"

"The Bokken Riders took them to get fitted fo

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