Saving my life

Keisha called the police to report the incident. While they were waiting on the police to come, they came up with their story of what to tell the police.  After the police left Shaye convinced Keisha to go home because she knew she was safe because the robbers were not coming back and she knew the only place that they were going was six feet under.

"I'll make sure she get home safe Keisha." "Ok, Shaye call me when u get there please." "Okay I will."

Keisha left , and so Shaye finish packing up her tools and supplies. She wanted to start a conversation with K, she just didn't know how to start it and what to say. When she was around him she felt like her mind just went blank. She liked him alot and she knew he liked her but she just didn't think that was enough to sustain a relationship. This was the reason why she was hesitating to talk to him.  She was afraid of getting hurt and she just couldn't take another heart break right now.

"Thanks K for coming to save me, if it wasn't for you showing up right when you did I don't know what would've happen to me."

"Don't worry bout it, no prob. I had to save my future wife." " Whoa, you movin a lil too fast for me K."  "I'm just lettin you know that I'm here to stay and I ain't goin nowhere." "Okay.....umma let you slide on that one. But on a more serious tip, we need to go somewhere we can talk. I need to run a couple of things by you and ask you some questions." "Okay where to?". "Come follow me to drop my car off at home then we will go from there." "Okay let's go, I'm not lettin you outta my sight." "Cool, let me get my things and lock up the shop."

Shaye and K left the shop, he followed her to her house and into the garage. She got out with her things, he tooked the bags from her,and Shaye asked him to follow her inside. Once they got to the door she pulled her keys from her pocket to unlock the door, before she could he snatched the keys from her and unlocked the door.

"Why did you do that?" "Because I wanted to open the door for you." "O.K. Well follow me."

She climbed the stairs of the house she had turned into apartments until she came to the second floor. There was only three apartments on her floor and the one to the left of hers was vacant. She let him inside and showed him the way to the livingroom and excused herself to put up her bags.

"Would you like something to drink?" "Thanks sweetie" " I'm just going to laugh at that one." "Why, you don't want me to call you that? Or are you just scared of getting used to me calling you that ?" "Neither, I just don't know you enough, and you're movin a lil too fast for me. We haven't even been on a date yet." " Well how bout we go to the Anthony Hamilton concert Sunday night and to dinner; it doesn't have to be in that order you decide and let me know. Cool." " Sure"

"Now to the real reason I ask you to follow me....." " ....And here i thought your reason for doing so was because maybe you wanted to get to know me a lil better." "I would like that but there is something I need to ask you." "Ask away." "Ok. Do you think any of my friends are capable of setting me up to get robbed?" "Yes they are capable, but....." "..But what?" "You have to decide which has enough motive and is envious of you to want you dead. You can't exclude anyone not even Keisha even though she was there when you almost got robbed and killed." "But why shouldn't she be excluded?" "Because even though she was there she still could've had someone to come in there and her alibi would be that she was there when they robbed you, the perfect crime."  "But why would they try to rob me, I give them like there my own blood, I even give them a discount on there booth rent." "Whoa I thought you guys were co-owners." " Nope, it's my business, my shop, the whole shopping or business complex is mines.  I just make them feel like their part owners, and let them voice their ideas because it helps keeps the work environment less hostile." "Ok so by doing that their work ethics are above average, and you have created a business which has a jealous employer who wants to run your business. How do you know that someone set you up?"

Shaye told him about one of the robbers getting a phone call right after she text the other two girls about an intruder. She also told him about what little she heard of the conversation. She asked him for his help because the only people who would gain from the death of her was the girls because they would get the shop.

"Okay, the first thing we're going to do is change your will or at least make them think that you are.  Then we're going to get better alarm systems for the house and the shop and a security guard for the apartment also. Then me and you are going to find out which of them was apart of setting you up." "Okay cool."

After they got through discussing the situation about the robbery, K asked her why she was afraid to give him a chance. " I'm afraid because the last person I was in a relationship with was only in it for personal gain and didn't treat me like I should be treated." " Well you won't have to worry about that with me because I'm a real man not a lil boy."  " Just because your a real man you're sayin I shouldn't worry bout you hurting me.  No you're wrong even though you are a man that still doesn't mean you won't hurt me.  Sometimes things happen unavoidable things, there is no guarantee that you won't hurt me and promises are sometimes broken.  If I give you my trust, what's there to stop you from betraying me in the future, or deciding I'm not worth your time." " Once I see something I want I use everything and my all to get it, and once I get it I don't let go,unless it's a mutual understanding." "Is that another one of your lines?" "No lines sweetie that came straight from me and no its not been used on anyone and it's one of a kind like you." " Okay. So I'll give you a chance and we can have lunch tomorrow around 1pm." "Cool." "What time is it?" "What time you gotta be there?" " No just gotta be at the shop at 8:30 am that's all." "Okay, that's my cue to leave." " No you can stay if you want and sleep in the guestroom, just to make sure I'm safe." "Sure,as long as you cook breakfast and the bed is comfortable." "Ok, I'm going to fix me a bowl of fruit for my dinner. Is there anything you would like me to get for you to eat." "No not right now." " If you change your mind your welcome to help yourself." "Does that includes you also?" "Hahaha....real funny and smooth. If you play yo cards right you could have me for more than just one night. " "Ok, so by doing what? To make things clear and to let you know that I really want you let me make a couple of things straight. No I don't have a girlfriend, a wife or any kids that I know about. So I'm a free agent and I have the time, energy and enough things I like about you to willingly and find it neccessary that I chase or go after what I want which is you." "So, after you get me then what?" " I'm going to do my best to keep you, and I'm never letting go. So you need to make your decision now are you going to be all the way in, if not you need to let me know now." "I'm in." " Ok, cool. So you can go ahead and eat your dinner and go to bed; because unlike me you can't miss work." "I can, but I don't want to there's a difference sweetie." " So you gotta get your rest to be able to function in the morning." "Not fixing to argue with you on that. Goodnight." " Same to you."

Kacey let Shaye finish her dinner and get to bed because he knew what it felt like not to get any sleep. He wanted to talk to her some more but he would just let her be for the moment. He knew he would have time to get to know her in the near future. He stayed up for a little while to make some calls and make sure his business was good before he went to sleep. He also got some of his boys to check into Shaye's problems and told them to do whatever was necessary to get close to the rest of the girls. After taking a bath he laid down and watch ESPN until he fell asleep.

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