Chapter Twenty-Three: The Storm is Almost Here


I lost River, and her birthday has well since passed so I lost out of that as well. But as fortune would have it, I have a few witches in my arsenal. A few very old and powerful witches. Witches were nearly as rare and unknown as the hybrids, both lycans and vampires had slaughtered them to near extinction thousands of years ago. These particular two witches are hundreds of years old and to my advantage had their loved ones killed by wolves not vampires, they have no love for lycans.

Hidden away from everyone's knowledge the witches help cast spells on the vampires I turn so they can control thier blood lust and impulses. They need to be focused solely on war and new vampires can't stop thinking about blood. The witches were also nearly finished with the spells and tools I'll need to trap River and weaken her. I may not have been her first but she can still have offspring with anyone. I'll still be able to get my hybrid army out of her.

"I was quite surprised that Ma
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Hybrid Curse. It’s almost time for the families to be back together. Love this book!

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