Chapter Fifteen: Birthday


I had finally gained back about fifteen pounds since I hadn't gotten to really expand my stomach. Months of starvation makes eating a lot almost impossible. It was my birthday today, and I honestly wasn't sure who was more excited. Me or Malachi. I knew tonight he and I would appropriately be able to have sex for the first time. But tonight was also the night I ascend into my hybrid self.

It was a scary and exciting revelation. It was 10 a.m, and the house was buzzing with excitement. I think that part of everyone's excitement was the fact I could adequately protect myself against, well, everyone. The other part is that they know in the next few days, they would become hybrids themselves. I would become immortal and a force of nature in a few hours. It was a strange day. I felt off, and I assumed it was all the emotions I was feeling and possibly the beginning of physical changes.

Malachi spent most of his day with his eyes black, so I knew he was just chomping at the
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goodnovel comment avatar
The wait is finally over. Beware evil beings - you’re time is over. Love this book. Malachi and Rivers are wonderful together.
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Shannon Davidson
what did they not mark each other?? and why did he not help with her changing he first time? and why did they both not change and go for a run??

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