Chapter 3 Helping New Students

Going around the Academy and pointing places took up time but the tour didn't run into any trouble. William taking the time to read the different books to allow the students to gap at teh places and look around.

The students were happy for the first break. A quick stop to the outhouse to allow them to change clothes. A few alterations would be needed for some but overall it would fit fine.

"Any questions before we continue?" William cast a gaze over each of them. They acted about the same as young students did back home. Bored and not really interested when some talked. "Seriously know questions?"

The students fiddled with their clothes. Most looking away at others in the Akademy that passed by.

"A chance to have someone help you with Cultivation before the hustle and bustle of class start, how weird or just stupid you don't take the chance to get ahead." Pulling out another book, he went to reading it acquiring more knowledge. 

"Umm," a student couldn't take it anymore and raised their hand. The young man looked pretty scruffy and most likely came from a basic family. Most likely sent from a village to fill the quota for the Kingdom. "Question about Cultivation?"

The others took glances at William to make sure nothing bad happened. Which he took note of. Either they were all use to being beaten or.. something else happened recently.

The smile and head shake from him had the whole group sighing.

"If I have a bad starting point, how do I make up for those shortcomings?"

"Depends on the shortcomings." William looked them overarching a brow. If all the students had a shortcoming it would suck for their development in the future. "If it is the Body, exercise and a correct diet can fix that. If it is the Mind, help from a friend or family member can take care of that. Or, someone who can keep counsel well. If it is the Soul then .. you are the most help in that part."

"I am frail, what I can do to fix that besides a diet?" Another questioned.

"Food that helps promote cellular growth is the best. Cut back on sweets despite the temptation." William recited from his own memory easily enough. His many racing just a bit as he could feel a small change.

Knowledge System: Mental Realm has increased from Gathering Rank II to Gathering Rank III. 100 Gigabytes were obtained.

"Since you are an Upperclassmen, why don't you help them." A passing teacher said. Not really picking trouble but stating what they thought should be done. "The new students seem more comfortable with you than the other groups."

"If they want, I do not mind." William moved from the wall covering the small gap. "I am not that experienced but I can help a bit. Whether it is the Body, Mind, or the Soul at the Gathering Realm."

The previous William was a few Realms higher than that. Before the incident he was at the Realization Realm Rank V. Four Ranks higher than the Seatholders who were still at Realization Rank I. And that was just for their Mind or Soul. The jealousy came from the fact William had it in each of the three.

"I would like help with my Body." Boston stood up reaching his hand out. "I have a bit of an issue with the apertures in my arm." 

Redlight circled around as the Blood Mana was circulated. Boston's contained several breaks inside it. Like threads the barely came together. William wrapped his Blood Mana around it guiding through the body of the other.

Each time it circulated, Boston's Blood would become richer. The threads thinning but tightening more. The Arpetures in his arms connecting more with the bad blood inside getting pushed out.

It took a total of 5 cycles before they finished. Boston, out of breath completely but his arms looked better. Covered in black waste, he moved to a washroom outside to clean up.

"Well, who is next?" William kept a neutral smile on his face. He was tired from the ordeal a bit but the gathered knowledge helped a lot. 'Some corrections to make to my basic Body Cultivation should help in the long run.'

Knowledge System: Body Realm has increased from Gathering Rank II to Gathering Rank III. 10 Gigabytes obtained. Available Blood Energy has increased. Blood circulation has increased. Trace elements of Bone Improvement.

3 more students raised their hands. Willaim got started right away to prevent from wasting time.

The teacher that suggested on a whim was suprised he kept going. Having nothing else to do, he remained by checking over each student afterward to make sure nothing bad happened. Happy that the students were about as good as any other, the teacher was satisfied.

20 minutes later they were all finished up.

"Student William, are you going to help those with Mind or Soul next?"

"Depends on which student needs it." A student with a Mind problem raised their hand. "Well come on, I will help as best I can." 

The student issue was not that bad once he figured out was the problem. A slight blood clot. William stopped and informed they would have to do it themself since he was not a Healer Expert. Not wanting to be responsible for a brain bleed.

"The best way to solve this issue is by whittling it away very slowly. Like really slowly with the smallest amount of Mental Energy." William said gravely. "Going to fast or using to much force might result in you becoming bread dead or drooling idiot."

He spoke with such assurance the teacher was shocked. So shocked that he thought about the rumor about what happened to William. That he turned into an idiot last week. but by the looks of it, he was the same old William. Well from what the teacher rembered.

"He speaks from experience. Not many can catch the problem in time. Did you go through a proper screening before enrolling?"

"No, none of us did." The student shook their head but said nothing else Not wanting to get in trouble. The teacher that was helping understood well enough and excused themselves to go see about this. "Really hope I can fix the Affliction in my Soul quickly."

"Let's see if we can." William placed his hand over the student's chest. Gently sending his Soul Mana out into him. The moment he touched a weird mass in the students' soul he received several notifications from the Knowledge System. 'No flipping way!'

Knowledge System: Viruses detected. Low-level Direct Action Virus moving. Executing Viral countermeasures to extended Drive Device.

A rush of energy left William's Mental Pool and Soul Pool. He could almost see little tendrils go out wrapping around the mass that tried to move in the student's Soul far away. But the speed was faster than he could keep up with constantly and also caused the two Pools to drain faster.

"UGh!" Groaning a bit, William took a deep breath and let the Antivirus programming do its thing. 'Memo to self, try not to do this to much. Especially while I am not that strong!' The chase finished in about three minutes. "Almost done."

The Mental and Soul mana wrapped the virus up. Storing it the same way virus protection would. Receiving the notification, William just had to answer what to do next.

"Thank you." The student say pulling away from William. He was just as tired but he could feel the Affliction in his Soul was gone. "I feel much better!" Moving back to the others, the student start to check over his Soul. 'It's completely gone and he didn't try to plant anything inside!'

The smile on his face assured the other students' nothing bad happened. A few more wanting to get help but waited until William would finish up. Seeing his strained look they assume he was still doing something or may have injured himself.

Knowledge System: You have chosen to delete the Virus, is this correct?

'Yeah, can't check any of it currently so might as well.' William wanted to check the logs for the Virus but nothing worked to do so. The moment it was deleted he felt a tingle in his SOul and Mind. 'Ohh, that's nice!'

Deleting the Virus gave back some Mental and Soul Mana to him. Maybe around 1/10 or so. Every bit counts when your so weak. Looking at the students he burst their bubble as he told them to get out the welcome books.

"Listen, most of you need to officially step into the three that make a person before we go further. Now if their is a problem in any of those areas don't do so." William was just guessing but he hoped if the student was in a better condition like a computer would be, then when his Computer wherever the hell it is at could connect better assuming them as an external Drive Device. "We have the time so take the few resources right now."

The students listen with only a little resistance. This was also a good idea considering a lot of upperclassmen would offer to help them to get said items. It was not frowned upon as long as it was done properly.

But here was William not taking them and actually letting the students have it themselves. A few of the other students in the vicinity left as they knew they could get some from the last group of new arrivals.

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